You’ve come here because you have some unanswered questions. I get it. Let me see if I can answer a few of those…

What is Tallymark?

A collection of work principally done by Collin McDougall, with the acknowledgement that he’s been able to collaborate with so many amazingly talented people throughout all the work featured here. The work here, done in isolation, would be not nearly as good, not to mention quite self-indulgent.

Why Tallymark?

Because I want to subliminally get people in the habit of writing two ‘L’s in succession in hopes of someone spelling my name(s) right one day.

Why is it not

Because was taken and this is a collection of finished items, hence the past tense.

Okay, but who are you really?

That’s a pretty intimate question for a first date, but since you asked…

Hi, I’m Collin.

I (again, that’s me, Collin) feel fortunate to have spent the last 15+ years designing for all sorts of people in all sorts of places and situations: considering the whole experience from what a person needs going in, what they want during, and how they feel after. I’ve worked in small boutique advertising agencies and large digital firms; with start-ups and well-established brands; from large-scale environmental wayfinding to small digital products, and it all comes down to doing one thing well: solving problems for people. Sometimes it’s as wonderful as evoking a smile, other times it’s necessary to impart sobering, lasting facts; sometimes it needs to be quick, other times comprehensive. But the one unchanging, ever-changing aspect remains the person I’m designing for.

If you’re looking for my resume, it’s here (in PDF format).

Whoa...that'a a LOT, a little shorter please?

Well you asked, nonetheless, overview time:

Collin McDougall, 15+ years as a problem solver (aka designer) who focusses on the user due to having degrees in Technical Writing, Communication Design, and a Master’s in Information Design.

If you want to get really impersonal, here’s my resume (in PDF format).

What do you do?

I’m a human who lives a mostly human lifestyle: I eat good food, drink tasty drinks, laugh, cry…OH! You meant for work. Right. I’m a designer who never took an art class, but I think that just made me work harder. I think about people: whether that’s in the form of UX (user experience), print, wayfinding, digital interfaces, writing (copy and technical), teaching…Ive been lucky enough to have a nicely varied career thus far.

What is wayfinding?

Is the method by which people orient themselves in a space. This applies to physical spaces (hospitals, office buildings, parkades…) and digital spaces. It’s a really phenomenally interesting design concentration. You can read more about it here and I urge you to!

Will you...

Hold on, let me stop you before you ask one of these:

No, I will not code your website.

No, I will not do your logo for $5.

No, I will not send you money via bitcoin or some other untraceable, unretrievable method, even if you are a stranded Nigerian Prince.

Yes, I would love to collaborate with you to help you solve the wonderfully complex and puzzling problem you’re having with (enter design potential here).

Yes, I would quite enjoy a scotch, thank you.

Is this all your work?

Not even close. This list is some recent work, highlights, some great learnings, some wonderful experiences, some great results…but not at all exhaustive. Over 15+ years in design there’s no way it could all be up here, but recent or not, good, bad, or maddening, everything I’ve learned helps inform every project I do.

How do I get in contact with you?

Right below! I’d be happy to hear from you (I’m sure).

Or if you’re as website form averse as my mom is to internet banking you can call me at 303 880 2903 or email me at hello (at) tallymarked (dot) com.

Other ways to get a hold of me (for the form averse)
   303 880 2903
   Denver, CO, USA (via Vancouver, Canada via Reading, England via Calgary, Canada)